At StudioArte, we are not just architects.
We are the difference.

We harness the power of sustainable design, we aim to contribute positively to both the natural surroundings of Algarve and the well-being of our clients.

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Let us redefine the way you experience your living spaces—because for us, architecture is more than just a profession, it's a commitment to making a difference in the world, one carefully designed home at a time.

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The team

Arnold Aarssen

Creative Director

João Carriço


Cristina Cláudio


Our team of skilled architects is driven by the belief that architecture has the power to enhance lives and shape a better future.

Studio Arte - an Architecture company based in Algarve, Portugal.
We create spaces to improve human lives. Our team specializes in sustainable architecture and interior design, based in Portugal. Respecting native materials and ecological studies. Guiding you through the best investment opportunities we can suggest for you.

Ruben Guerreiro

Ruben is a maths and geometry maverick, in love with shapes and completely obsessed with proportions and the order he can see in an image.

This passion for lines and order has led him to photography where he constantly searches for small details to guide the viewer’s eye and for the unique way objects are shaped by light. Today, he sees the design process as a maths challenge and finding the right shape, the true form as the creative solution to it. Architectural work allows him to find the perfect balance between logical reality and creativity, functionality and beauty. A pure answer to an architectural query.

Joana Dalmau Pinto

Portimao based architect, Joana is one of the three founding members of the studio and a mother of two. She is a beautiful woman with long black curly hair,  an impeccable taste, and a smile for everyone.

Since childhood, she has been playing with colours and nuances thinking she would become a painter. One night, she changed her mind and moved onto architecture, but in a way, she still is a painter at heart, since she perfectly translates a creative idea on paper and turns wishes and dreams into something real you can look at and work with.

She is a true sister and an inspiration to all of us at Studio Arte.