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Pico, Açores
bioclimatic houses
ruben guerreiro
‍joão Carriço
Arnold Aarssen
Marcelo Guilherme

A glimpse of luxury living at our latest prime location project development (1 of 3) on the captivating island of Pico in the Azores. Nestled in the heart of the Azorean archipelago.

Renderings by:
Nave Studio

Embracing the island's natural beauty, our development utilizes local materials, with a particular focus on the exquisite red cedar wood sourced from the Cryptomeria tree. This not only showcases our dedication to supporting the local ecosystem but also adds a touch of authenticity and elegance to each residence. The spacious living spaces, totalling 470m2, embody the open-plan concept, providing a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living.